Bartley Christian Church




Bartley Christian Church were looking to upgrade their audio & video system since 2018. After 2 years of researching and speaking with existing users, they eventually made the decision to go with Danley Sound Labs & Lumantek. Soundsmith Solutions were tasked to design a system that provides even coverage for their 1200 seater auditorium.


The older system being 10 years old, was showing it’s age and struggling to keep up with the louder music being played in church. Also, the way the older system was designed and installed interfered with the line of sight to the projection screen. Some seats in he house had an obscured view of the stage & screen.


Soundsmith Solutions had to design a powerful enough system with a fairly small footprint. The J7’s proved to be the right box for this hall. Per side it consisted of the J7, SH95 for the down fill and a SH46 as the side fill. Also 2 TH118XL were placed behind the loudspeakers. 6 SH-Mini were also used as front fills.  This design proved to be the winning combination for Bartley Christian Church. The measured results showed a vast improvement over the older loudspeaker system. It was much louder and an average of 0.76STI reading was achieved across the hall.


The video is supported by a full lumantek solution of VS10, HSV+, SHV+ and MD+. The new video infrastructure prove to be flexible and robust to support the church's needs.