Gravity CART M 01 B - Multifunctional Trolley (Medium) (GCARTM01B)

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Gravity Multifunctional Trolley has 8 in 1 Configuration with a max load of up to 150kg. Foldable handles and the loading platform extends from 560mm - 875mm.

Makes Light Work of Heavy Equipment

Sound technicians, DJs, and stagehands: Take the weight off your load with a multi-functional cart. The Gravity Cart chassis is made of steel to ensure rigidity. Two fixed and two rotating low-rolling resistance, anti-slip rubber tires provide extra maneuverability. The Gravity Cart is your trusty companion before and after every show. And the best thing is: The lightweight, compact-folded, multi-functional cart lifts easily from the tour bus while also performing effortlessly when fully loaded with equipment. With its (up to 0.98 m) extendable chassis and 150 kg load capacity, your equipment is quickly and safely transported to and from the stage. And thanks to its optimal ergonomic design: without straining your back.



Product type Multifunctional trolley
Handle material Steel
Handle colour Black
Drawer material Steel
Dimensions unfolded (L x W x H) 670 x 405 x 805 mm
Dimensions folded (L x W x H) 720 x 405 x 195 mm
Dimensions loading platform (560 - 875) x 405 x 805 mm
Number of extensions 2
Length 670 - 980 mm
Front wheels Ø 76.2 mm
Rear wheels Ø 152.4 mm
Material front wheels Rubber
Material rear wheels PU
Max. Extension length 980 mm
Wheelbase 410 mm
Max. load capacity 150 kg
Weight 11 kg