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In enabling Riedel’s acclaimed networked approach to signal distribution and routing, the 2-RU large-scale MediorNet MetroN Core Router provides intense real-time signal-routing capacity (32x10G/32x4.25G ports) and offers non-blocking switching.

MetroN provides robust video router functionality with switching delays of <40ms as well as high-speed re-routing that allows as many as 1,000 connections to be re-routed in less than a second. A single MetroN allows for building video routers with up to 192 HD-SDI and theoretically an unlimited number of outputs. Router control can be done with MediorWorks software as well as with most 3rd party control systems using the Probel or Ember+ protocol. The frame can function within a larger MediorNet installation, interfacing with other MediorNet frames via fiber.

The addition, the MetroN core router increases the bandwidth available across MediorNet networks. It is the first solution of the MediorNet family where the connection is realized by means of 10G links. Up to 6 HD-SDI signals can be transmitted over one 10G connection. Typical applications for the router include the connection of MediorNet subnets, studio backbones, routing within a 3G-SDI studio infrastructure and supporting networked OB vans.

MediorNet system combines signal transport, routing, signal processing, and conversion into one integrated real-time network solution. With this network for video, audio, data, and communications, users can send any incoming signal to any output — or even to multiple outputs — with just a mouse-click or, even more conveniently, by using a router control system. Eliminating the need for re-wiring when production setups change, MediorNet increases the flexibility of any installation while significantly reducing cabling and setup time. Integrated broadcast-quality processing and conversion features reduce or eliminate the need for external devices, in turn helping users to realize significant savings in infrastructure investment.