Riedel Intercom Panels 1200 Series - RSP-1232HL

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Building upon the technology that powers Riedel’s SmartPanel App-driven user interfaces, the new 1200 series RSP-1232HL multifunctional interface represents a quantum leap forward in workflow flexibility, power, and connectivity. Featuring multiple full-color multi-touchscreen displays, 32 innovative hybrid-lever keys, the ability to leverage apps for multi-functionality, and the ability to easily adapt to the various workflows in use today, this new panel is poised to allow you to work the way you always have while opening up entirely new possibilities.

Completely new from the ground up, the new 1200 series SmartPanel RSP-1232HL (Hybrid Lever) is Riedel’s smartest SmartPanel yet! In addition to full-color touchscreens and support for multiple workflows, each of the 32 hybrid-lever keys features an innovative integrated rotary encoder that provides control over variable parameters in the same location as the key itself. The levers have been meticulously designed to have the perfect form, weight, comfort, responsiveness and anti-fatigue qualities to effectively redefine the way an intercom panel should feel. Each key also has an LED ring which allows for easy grouping of keys based on colors. Key Banks, a new take on shift pages, are user-definable (name and color) layers of keys that are accessed by simply pressing a button on the screen. 

The 1200 Series Smartpanel is the first keypanel to support multiple workflows. Some comms users prefer a “Talk/Listen” workflow where the user chooses what to listen to from an initially silent panel. Other users prefer a “Talk/Mute” workflow that starts with a panel that broadcasts everything and the users select which signals to turn off. Users decide which mode they prefer on a per-panel basis. 

One panel, countless areas of application: Since the RSP-1232HL is app-defined hardware, it is equipped to serve a wide range of functions. This range can be expected to expand even further with the development of additional apps for the 1200 series.